Presidents of the Rotary Club of Sawtell
1975/76 Doug Berry
Dick McEllinney
Pat Brooks
1977/78 Tony Lennon
1978/79 Tony Weiss
1979/80 Russell Brownett
1980/81 Clive Coddington
Charles Sivewright
Tony Lennon
Neil Packet
Drew Bogema
1983/84 Tony Youngman
1984/85 Jack Blaxland
1985/86 Gary McPherson
1986/87 Bob Carle
1987/88 Graham Clarkson
1988/89 Peter Grant
1989/90 Doug Duncombe
Des Lawson
John Mason
1991/92 Steve Kassulke
1992/93 John Underwood
1993/94 Max Miller
1994/95 Peter Paff
1995/96 Graham Cole
1996/97 Bob Dickson
1997/98 John Chittick
1998/99 Colin Alford
1999/00 Tony Kelly
2000/01 Malcolm White
2001/02 Ellis Nicholson
2002/03 Gerard McGrath
2003/04 Andy Bruce
2004/05 Ray Baldwin
2005/06 Warren Hollyman
2006/07 Michael Fayle
2007/08 Michael Barnes
2008/09 John Underwood
2009/10 John Martin
2010/11 Terry Smith
2011/12 Paul McKinnon
2012/13 Rob Alford
2013/14 Drew Bogema
2014/15 Roger Atwal
2014/16 Steve Kelly
2016/17 Denis Gleeson
2017/18 Drew Bogema
2018/19 Ellis Nicholson
2019/20 Warren Hollyman
History of the Rotary Club of Sawtell
  • Club sponsored by Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour South
  • Interest meetings held under stewardship of the late Ern Kay a past president of Coffs South
  • Our Club admitted to Rotary International  on 29 March 1975
  • Club chartered at Sawtell Bowling Club on 3 May 1975 with 24 members – Charter received from District Governor Kev Hardes
  • Board comprised Doug Berry (President), Dick McElhinney (Vice President), Bill Sanders (Secretary), Keith Haycraft (Treasurer), Russ Brownett, Graham Howlett, Alan Barber and Cliff Mills (Directors). Cliff Mills was the first Sgt-At-Arms
  • Charter Members – Board plus Gordon Bayliss, Ken Green, Clarrie Hall, Jim Howton, Arthur Johnson, Garry Klaus, Tony Lennon, Vic Lindsay, Geoff McAdam, Paul Moffatt, Jack Moffitt, Tony Weiss and Ken Ussher
On 8 May 1975 Report of the Club’s Charter Night Function appeared on the front page of The Sawtell Guardian a free newspaper “Printed by the Sawtell-Boambee Chamber of  Commerce in the interests of Sawtell and districts, with pride, but without prejudice”.
Activities included:
  • Students sent to interviews for YEP
  • Two students sponsored as RYLA attendees
  • Housie with Sawtell Lions at Sawtell Reserve
  • Street Procession
President Dick McElhinney (Resigned January1977) replaced by Pat Brooks a Past President of Coffs South. Other Board Members Tony Lennon, Russ Brownett, Keith Haycraft, Graham Howlett, Charles Sivewright, Cliff Mills, Geoff McAdam with Tony Weiss as Sgt-At-Arms
Highlights included:
  • Change over at Sawtell Golf Club on 31 May 1976
  • Visit by American GSE Team
  • Fellow Jack Moffitt (an electrician) went to PNG as a member of a FAIM Team
  • Wine bottling at the home of the late Graham and Joan Howlett – The wine was billed as “Sawtell Sauvignon Bin 77” and the label claimed
Vintaged in 1977 from grapes grown on the southern slopes of Boambee Swamp. After ageing in Ti-tree casks for 3 weeks the wine was first presented at the Bonville Show where it won a brass medal.  Due to the open fermentation process used, some Sandfly deposit sediment may remain. It has been described by our Winemaker Charles as a full bodied, well rounded wine with a delightful bouquet and exquisite palate, but he is obviously lying. It should improve with bottle life but of course it won’t.  
1977 – 1978
President Tony Lennon. Other Board Members Tony Weiss, Graham Howlett, Russ Brownett, Charles Sivewright and Jack Moffitt with Garry Klaus as Sgt-At-Arms
Highlights included:
  • Changeover at Sawtell Bowling Club 17 June 1977
  • Hosted YEP Selection Committee
  • Hosted first YEP Inbound Student Cathy Dewey of USA – hosts included Graham and Joan Howlett and Tony and Paula Lennon
  • Awardees Gwen Mason and Phillip Harrigan to RYLA
  • First YEP Outbond Student Louise Flynn selected to spend 12 months in South Korea
  • World Understanding week celebrated with Coffs South where a member of the Russian Embassy addressed the gathering
  • Club chosen by GSE District Committee as base camp for GSE Team from District 136 Iceland – Club subsequently hosted Oskar, Jon, Baldur, Svanar, Sveinn and Bjarni
New Team comprised Tony Weiss (President) Russ Brownett (Vice President) Tony Lennon (Immediate Past President) Charles Sivewight (Secretary) Graham Howlett (Treasurer) and Chas Stairs, Clive Coddington, Dudley Goss and Dave Waterman (Directors)
Some of the highlights:
  • Construction of a Toddlers Pool at Sawtell Swimming Complex in partnership with Sawtell Lions and local tradies – Lindsay Brothers made a crane available and Bananacoast Mini Mix of Toormina donated concrete
  • Construction of an amenities block, with the help of local tradies, was completed at Boambee Sports Oval
  • Casey Jones, the Club’s famous train, was built by Jack Brain and Chas Stairs at no cost to Rotary – some 900 man hours over a four month period were involved                                            
  • Casey Jones  had its first public outing at the Sawtell Rotary Gala Day on 1 January 1979
New Team comprised Russ Brownett (President) Charles Sivewight (Vice President) Tony Weiss (Immediate Past President) Tony Lennon (Secretary) Noel Hamey (Treasurer) and Jack Brain, Clive Coddington, Graham Howlett and Dave Waterman (Directors)
Some of the highlights:
  • YEP – Glen Martin in Brazil, Allison Quinn chosen for Mexico and Louise Flynn returned from South Korea
  • A clock was donated and erected at the Sawtell Swimming Complex
  • Toddlers Pool painted, turf laid and lane ropes donated at Sawtell Swimming Complex
  • Community Sign post erected at Sawtell Road
  • Casey Jones attracted multiple bookings
  • Public Meeting arranged to launch Sawtell Super Fun Day to replace the Sawtell Rotary Gala Day – Jim Worland (President of Sawtell Surf Club) was appointed Chairman of the new committee with Bill Wacher as Secretary
  • Alby Andrews, Neil Packett, Con van Dartel and Phil Regan were inducted as new members
  • Club Meeting venue was changed from Sawtell Bowling Club to Sawtell Golf Club
  • Club hosted a GSE Team from California at Tony Weiss’ home
  • Rotary Annes ably led by Diane Brownett organised the first Sawtell Rotary Art Show featuring works of the Coonabaraban Artists Group
New Team comprised Clive Coddington (President) JackBrain (Vice President) Russ Brownett (Immediate Past President) Jim McGregor (Secretary) Noel Hamey (Treasurer) and Jack Brain, Charles Sivewright, Les White, Tony Weiss, Drew Bogema and Tony Lennon  (Directors)
Some of the highlights:
  • Casey Jones much in demand
  • Easter Monster Raffle
  • Sawtell Super Fun Day
  • Second Sawtell Rotary Art Show with substantial contribution from RotaryAnnes
  • YEP Students Pieter Westhuyzen inbound from South Africa, Allison Quinn outbound to Mexico, Michael Flynn (brother of the Club’s first outbounder Louise Flynn) chosen to represent the Club in Japan
  • Peter Grant and Bob Carle became members
  • Guest speakers included PDG Keith Hopper the founder of FAIM
  • Work experience program at Toormina High
  • Preparation for joint Careers Market at Coffs Harbour High
  • Sawtell Scout Hall painted
  • Significant input into local projects and issues included:
    • Park and playground in Toormina
    • Footbridge across Boambee Creek
    • Surf Club House
    • Opening event for Coffs-Sawtell Link Road
    • Surf Carnival
New Team comprised Charles Sivewright (first part of year) then Tony Lennon  (President) Russ Brownett (Vice President) Russ Brownett (Immediate Past President) Jim McGregor (Secretary) Noel Hamey (Treasurer) and Jack Brain, Charles Sivewright, Les White, Tony Weiss, Drew Bogema and Tony Lennon  (Directors)
Some of the highlights:
  • YEP – Allison Quinn home from Mexico, Michael Flynn in Japan, Pieter Westhuyzen home to South Africa
  • Theatre Party
  • Painting at Scout Hall
  • Casey Jones refurbished
  • Easter Raffle
Neil Packet then Drew Bogema (President) Vice President Tony Youngman, Secretary Rob Williams,  Treasurer Peter Grant, Directors Tony Youngman, Russ Brownett, Tony Lennon, Drew Bogema/Alby  Andrews with John Simpson as Sgt-at-Arms.
President Tony Youngman, Vice President Rob Williams, Secretary Tony Hockey, Treasurer Jack Blaxland, Directors Bob Carle, Les White, Russ Brownett, Peter Grant and Des Lawson
  • YEP – Amando Jimenez inbound from Mexico and Leanne Faulkner outbound to Japan
President Jack Blaxland, Vice President Des Lawson, Secretary Peter Grant, Treasurer Drew Bogema, Directors Gary McPherson, Des Lawson, Tom Mitchell and Bob Carle
Some highlights:
  • Club awarded PDG Wal Oakes Trophy for membership increase
  • Joint Christmas Party with Coffs South on “Nambucca Princess”
  • Weekend at Darlington Park
  • Night at “Asian Pearl” Restaurant
  • Art Show
  • Building Sawtell Headland Safety Fence
  • Sawtell Super Fund Day with Casey Jones and Billy Cart Race
  • Participation in Telethon Appeal
  • FAIM Contribution
  • YEP – Armando Jiminez home to Mexico, Izuru Nakazato inbound from Japan and Jane O’Malley outbound to Japan
  • Careers Night with Coffs South
  • Distributing 4 Way Test bookmarks
  • Cathy Jones to RYLA
  • Three students to RYPEN
  • Father/daughter night
  • Supporting Rotaract